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Make your country a ┬ź27&More country┬╗

As a partner of 27&More you have immediate access to a network of leading agencies with a constantly growing number of regions, areas of expertise and clients. To become part of this success story you have to comply with the following requirements:

  • Your agency is among the leading PR Companies in your local market and running full scale PR operations.
  • Your company is independently owned.
  • You are committed to high quality client work & services.
  • You are committed to be an active and contributing member of the network.


If you can agree on all of these criteria please get in touch with
Isabelle Prochnow
Managing Director 27&More e.V.
Phone: +49 617392670
Fax: +49 6173926767
Email: iprochnow@prpkronberg.com 

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