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Multi-talented, singularly ambitious

The world is full of talented and inspirational people and at 27&More we have more than our fair share of both, with country-leading agencies and experts to be found across our network. With only one click 27&More clients have full access to best of breed PR skills in another country or even the entire world.

How can we do that?

  1. Our selection criteria for network partners are firm but fair. Firstly, we are not impressed by big names. The only way to become a full partner of 27&More is a proven track record of outstanding PR ability and the readiness to bring in the highest standards of local expertise, consistent processes and shared values. 
  2. Secondly, a true spirit of cooperation lies at the heart of our working ethos, with all partners skilled in sharing their expertise and insight as well as their combined passion for success within the network.
  3. And crucially, thirdly, it is our clients successes that drive us all. By developing and delivering strategically sound and creatively ambitious campaigns we support our clients in achieving their ambitions – and in growing our own long term relationships and business success.


Meet 27&More partners on seven continents.

Want to become a partner of 27&More?

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