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Crisis Management

Reputation management is increasingly challenging in today’s fast-moving world.  Mobile technology, social media and social networks have transformed the way we communicate and the speed at which news – good, bad, accurate and inaccurate – can be delivered.  With consumers no longer being just recipients of news, but increasingly authors, influencers and moderators, crisis planning and management has taken on a whole new dimension. 

Senior practitioners and teams across the 27&More network have extensive experience in planning and managing crisis communications for a range of clients. Crisis simulations enable clients to prepare and practice, while our media trainers ensure that messages are carefully honed and effectively delivered. A round-the-clock crisis and media response service including senior counsel and media management enables clients to act decisively and confidently when dealing with stakeholders, media and the public and to rest assured that their consultants are managing the crisis with real efficiency and care.

"Each company faces different challenges.  That’s why we never suggest a ready-made solution for handling complex issues and risks.  Instead, we offer tailor-made crisis prevention planning, issues-management and incident response all of which can be individually delivered or combined to meet specific needs.”

Hannemie Stitz-Kraemer, President & CEO, PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS, Germany





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