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Media Communications

In a world of mass communication, it is essential for companies and organisations to create and maintain good relations with the mass media.  It is not only important to respect journalists’ integrity and the way they work, it is also crucial to ensure that media material is interesting, accurate and relevant.  In simple terms, if positive media coverage is the goal then real effort must be placed behind strategic and creative media relations.

Every single member of 27&More has specialist skill in delivering high impact, thought-provoking and behaviour-influencing media relations activity.   Specialist copy-writers provide accessible and appropriate written communication whatever the need, while our media relations teams develop and maintain the strong media relationships so key to securing positive coverage.  Client spokespeople are trained to enhance their media communication skills, while our backroom teams help with preparation for all forms of media contact.

"There are three ways to become a skilled media spokesperson: training, training and training."

Inger Lindström, CEO, VOX PR & Information, Sweden





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