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Social Media

Gone are the days when consumers were simply recipients of information.  Today, consumers are in fact authors, influencers and commentators.  Blogs, wiki’s and social networks enable audiences to raise issues, feed misconceptions and open new debates as well as deliver and encourage word of mouth (good and bad), inspire new audiences and encourage product trial.  Quite simply everyone is now both journalist and influencer – and that presents a real opportunity for those prepared to take the plunge.

We believe that social media presents one of the greatest opportunities for companies right now.  Rather than simply contacting customers there is a far more beneficial opportunity through social media to really engage through two-way dialogue.

Effective use of social media not only assists in building bonds with consumers and customers, encouraging trial and sharing insight into future needs and demands, but can also be a crucial tool in issues and crisis management.  Just as issues know no borders, so can a speedy response managed through social media help ensure a very positive outcome for the client.

All 27&More consultancies provide ongoing advice and guidance to clients on use of social media, using a range of tools and techniques from social media audits and workshops through to ongoing engagement and review.

If you’re asking yourself for just one good reason for a company to use social media – the answer is: “Have you ever heard about Google? assuming you have then you should consider social media.

Christian Bogh, CEO, U Communicate Aps, Denmark





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