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Hannemie Stitz-Krämer, CEO & President PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS

Today, being a PR professional is....
..more exciting than ever, since I started my PR career in 1978 public relations has become a more serious and tough business and its return on investment is always being tested. To create new relations, to build upon and ensure existing relations or to save relations at risk brings the comprehensiveness of our professional dimensions to the point. Apart from this, the scope of communications channels, the power of social media and networks are offering a wider range of great tools and points of contact. Mega trends and global challenges like the impact of climate change, the danger of the lack of integration, the war for talents as well as all the known and unknown impacts of the worldwide demographic change - they all ask for innovative communication solutions. A new discussion and perception of growth beyond GDP and wellbeing has started and has been fuelled by the financial crises in Europe and around the world.

I strongly believe in professional networking, reliable and efficient cooperation as well as trustful partnerships around the world. They are the keys for success.

Listening, learning and being able to watch how fascinating PR has become for the next generation of PR talents, is rewarding. For the next couple of years, I hope to further contribute with my ideas, my experience and expertise. This has always kept me happy and enthusiastic in consulting and serving our international and national clients while taking responsibility for our team and managing my own firm, successfully.

If you hadn't started a career as PR professional, what would be your favored choice in 2012? Why?
Architecture has always been my dream...or, a professional tennis player as a teenager. Both would have allowed to become independent from my parents support. Instead, I chose the adventure and started a Lufthansa airline career which opened the world to me, followed by a university study of psychology, which I was able to finance on my own.

Tell us the special moments, highlights, milestones of your professional life
Back in 1978, when the Managing Director of a worldwide leading PR agency in Germany, explained to me what PR is all about and hired me as a trainee. Then, becoming the youngest PR Representative in a worldwide crisis communications team for a pharmaceutical company which caused the Seveso accident in Italy. A couple of years later, I accompanied a delegation of German economic editors on an investor relations tour to Indonesia. The next big step was to establish my own consultancy, PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS, in 1989, and winning the three world leaders in the first year: Mastercard (former Europay), Kellogs, Ciba Geigy. Last but not least: Together with longterm partner, we initiated and formed 27&More, the international network of independent PR consultancies.

What about the toughest challenges?
Crisis and reputation management for a leading European low budget carrier and tour operator after an airline crash in the Dominican Republic.

What keeps you awake at night?
How to exceed our customers' expectations and how to guarantee a successful transition of PRP into the next generation.

What motivates and inspires you?
Investigating, finding and contributing problem solving solutions.

Why are you a Member of 27&More?
With most of the members I share decades of trusted partnership, business and experience in order to provide reliable, valuable and sustainable cross border services for our clients.

Three things you always take when you travel ...
Private. My husband - My dog - My golf bag
Business: My brains - My curiosity - My enthusiasm

Which famous person would need or benefit from a good / better PR consultant? Why?
Germany's best example was our former Federal President Christian Wulff

PR is all about relations. What is the most interesting number on your mobile phone?
Good Question - However, my secret

Give us a short outlook: What do you think is THE driving topic for PR in the next two years?
Quo Vadis Europe

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