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Peter Freisner Johansen, Senior Advisor, CEO & Partner, U communicate Aps

Today, being a PR professional is....
…becoming more and more important. We play a crucial role as advisors for the clients we work for, and more and more realise that working with a PR agent gives them credibility and long term and lasting positive impact on the bottom line.

If you hadn't started a career as PR professional, what would be your favored choice in 2012? Why?
I would be manager in one of my favourite football clubs – Spurs in London, Ajax in Amsterdam or HSV in Hamburg and use the same skills I use as a manager of a PR agency to motivate the employees to reach their goals and fulfil their potential.

Tell us the special moments, highlights, milestones of your professional life
When a potential client referred to a five year old campaign she had seen somewhere and thought it was the best campaign she had ever seen - then seeing her face when I revealed that I had created that campaign. 

What about the toughest challenges?
The toughest challenge is to make sure that everybody knows how important and effective PR and communication is for the well being of businesses.

What keeps you awake at night?
Nothing, I sleep like a baby.

What motivates and inspires you?
My wife and daughter inspire me every day and give me a reason to be.

Why are you a Member of 27&More?
Because I think international business is the only way for a small economy (the Danish) to survive in a highly competitive and rough market. And because I get the chance to share knowledge with like-minded and inspiring people.

Three things you always take when you travel ...
A good book, my beautiful wife and my sweet daughter.

Which famous person would need benefit from a good / better PR consultant? Why?
The coach of the Danish national football team Morten Olsen needs advising on PR and communication. He has forbidden the players to tweet during the EURO 2012. It shows an organisation which has not yet understood the full potential of the media, and it gives an impression of a closed and conservative leadership style. Please do call Morten Olsen.

PR is all about relations. What is the most interesting number on your mobile phone?
Numbers do not interest me - relations do.

Give us a short outlook: What do you think is THE driving topic for PR in the next two years?
Getting companies to realise that it is consumers who define brands – perception is reality and it has consequences if you do not make them an active player in your business and communication strategy.

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