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Pia Schiller, co owner, Vox PR & Information

Today, being a PR professional is….
… part of your life every minute of the day. Now more than ever we are bombarded by communication – PR, advertising, CSR and more. For true PR professionals every waking moment provides an opportunity to absorb, to learn and to get inspired – it’s a fantastic job and I love it!

If you hadn’t started a career as PR professional, what would be your favoured choice in 2012? Why?
What? I don´t understand the question. This profession is more interesting than ever.

Tell us the special moments, highlights, milestones of your professional life
A stand out moment for me was the founding of Vox in 1993. Finally we could create our own business, combining journalism with marketing. Once we’d started our business a definite highlight was winning IBM Nordic as a client, which really kick-started our international offer. I should add that of all my highlights, the fact that we have very long standing client relationships – some dating back to 1997 – is something which makes me enormously proud.

What about the toughest challenges
The competition is tougher today, it’s harder to get noticed. The trick is to be seen in the right place at the right time, but with a proliferation of channels to choose from it can be a real challenge to select the right channel/s and deliver the right tailored messages… and even harder to deselect. This is where we come in.

What keeps you awake at night?
My cat.

What motivates and inspires you?
Clients who, together with us, are brave enough to take major steps forward with their communication. That inspires me and us.

Why are you a Member of 27&More?
There is no better way to learn more and to give our clients a skilled network around the world.

Three thrings you always take when you travel …
My Iphone, my Airbook and my running shoes.

PR is all about relations. What is the most interesting number on your mobile phone?
It’s the one to Santa Claus.

Give us a short outlook: What do you think is THE driving topic for PR in the next two years?
To help companies to realize that everything communicates. What you show is what you promise, all companies are in the business of confidence and that we need to help them to show to the public.

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