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Robert Bauer, Managing Partner at asoluto public + interactive relations

Today, being a PR professional is....
…more than ever a challenge that requires both skills in communications and a broad knowledge of what’s going on in economics, politics, and general interests of the audiences that should be reached.

If you hadn't started a career as PR professional, what would be your favored choice in 2012? Why?
A very personal answer: I would work to start a career as a musician, perhaps as conductor. Maybe the experience as a “conductor” in the communications business is one of the sources of this vision.

Tell us the special moments, highlights, milestones of your professional life
Not always, but at special occasions, our work has a positive impact on many people, e.g. when a successful crisis communications process helps a company (and its employees and their families) to stay on track and not to deviate from a path of success. When you think of what could have happened to them without your experience, engagement and know-how, it is a very satisfying moment.

What about the toughest challenges?
For me, the toughest challenges are those jobs and projects that lack any kind of special moment or fascination but are just “business as usual”. This must be done with the same professional approach, but the self-motivation is much tougher. To convince a CEO that his product, his cherished topic or even his person is not “breaking news” in itself for the media is a task that requires a high level of tact and understanding.

What keeps you awake at night?
Nothing. A good sleep is the basis for a successful day.

What motivates and inspires you?
There are many things – one of them is that I am grateful for not having to work – as many other people do – under much tougher circumstances for considerably less money. Especially motivating is the fact that our work grows more and more international and that the resulting contact with colleagues from other countries widens the horizon enormously.

Why are you a Member of 27&More?
It’s clear to me that with our structure and our approach we fit perfectly into the “family” of 27&more. The cooperation between the various owners and/or managing partners is unique and always an inspiring experience.

Three things you always take when you travel ...
I take a camera, I take time for taking photos and I take care. And preferably, I take the plane or train instead of the car.

Which famous person would need benefit from a good / better PR consultant? Why?
From my perspective, the 10.8 million people in Greece could really benefit from PR consultancy – they deserve a much better image than they actually have.

PR is all about relations. What is the most interesting number on your mobile phone?
Stable relations start in the most inner of circles. (Not only) from this point of view, the number of my wife and my son are the most interesting numbers for me.

Give us a short outlook: What do you think is THE driving topic for PR in the next two years?
My view is that PR will need to explain again what it is all about, what it is not and how clients can profit from PR. Failure to answer these questions cannot be outweighed by convincing answers to more “trendy” questions about Social media, the end of newspapers or the future of personal communications in a high-tech-age.

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